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ILJIN Background


Strain Wave Gears

Gear Sets

(without Output Bearing)
ILJIN Cup Component Set

ILJIN CUP-style Gear Sets, without output bearing

ILJIN HAT Component Set

ILJIN HAT-style Gear Sets, without output bearing

ILJIN SHORT CUP-style Gear Sets, without output bearing

Gear Units

(including Output Bearing)
ILJIN Solid Cam HAT Unit

ILJIN solid Cam, HAT-style Unit,  including output bearing

ILJIN hollow Cam HAT Unit

ILJIN hollow Cam, HAT-style Unit, including output bearing


ILJIN Hollow Gearboxes

ILJIN  hollow Cam Gearbox

Strain Wave Gears

ILJIN strain wave gears feature high precision, high efficiency, high torsional stiffness and low starting torques.


They are widely used in robotics, automation technology, semiconductor technology, machine tools and many other industries.

Why Choose ILJIN

ILJIN Background

1. Consistent product quality and performance allied to reduced costs and increased profitability

ILJIN products are designed to deliver class leading performance at competitive pricing.


2. Improved product development schedules and faster times to market

ILJIN provides a “full service” offer from our Frankfurt R&D facility with, design, testing and small batch ramp up manufacturing services available to new and existing customers   


3. Minimal cost of change and increased design options

ILJIN products are designed as a drop-in replacement for the class leading brand where an exchange unit is required. However our R&D team can customize the product to your unique needs.


4. A competitive advantage in faster reaction times to changing customer demand

ILJIN has invested in an increased large scale manufacturing capacity in our Korean production plants to provide our customers with greater supply chain confidence and optimum delivery times.

5. A strong partner at your side

You can rely on us. We are the world market leader in the field of wheel bearings, we are growing continuously and we are a healthy company. We are there for you - despite possible world crises.

Why Choose ILJIN

About ILJIN Motion & Control

Since establishment in 1973, ILJIN has led the global wheel bearing market through growth and innovation. We strive for the highest level of customer.

ILJIN 1970
ILJIN 1980
ILJIN 1990
ILJIN 2000
ILJIN 2010
About ILJIN Motion & Control

For more details, please visit our corporate homepage: and general product leaflet

ILJIN Motion & Control GmbH

It is the branch within ILJIN’s global network focused on products and services based on our Strain Wave Gear Technology.

Working with our robotic partners, ILJIN was requested to provide not just the special cross-roller-bearings but the whole strain wave gear. Torque optimized, top quality at competitive prices. We accepted the challenge!


And we have built a state of the art Motion and Control R&D Center in Frankfurt, Germany.

At this R&D Center we provide:

  • Technical analysis

  • Product design

  • Pre-production builds

  • Small volume production

High volume products are manufactured in Korea, in our Yeongju-Plant, with the highest quality standards.

ILJIN Frankfurt
ILJIN Yeongju plant

German Engineering Excellence meets Korean Quality and Value!


Here you will find a collection of downloadable files

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Contact us

Rest of the World

ILJIN Motion & Control GmbH

Karl-Ritscher-Anlage 5

60437 Frankfurt am Main


Tel: +49 69-9050-872-23



We want to hear from you!


North America

ILJIN USA Corporation

28055 Haggerty Rd, Novi

Mi 48377, USA

Tel: +1-248-920-8615


ILJIN Member of IFR
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