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Smart Actuator Line up

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ILJIN’s Smart Actuator is a combination of our flix-DRIVE Strain wave gear (SWG), Cross Roller Bearing (XRB), Motor and Servo Drive.


·       A hollow shaft design offers free center access through the Robot joint allowing easy access for harnesses, pipes and end of arm signals.

·       Smart Actuator series can be customized to meet individual customer's specific needs.

·       It a modular design and available in 2 configurations -Economic and Standard-, featuring either single or dual encoders and with the option of a Joint torque sensor on the Standard unit

TUV SÜD has certified or checked for

  • Functional Safety IEC61800-5-2 (SIL3, Cat3 PLd), FSoE (Functional Safety over EtherCAT)

  • EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • ENV: Environmental Test

  • LVD: Low Voltage Directive

Key Features

  • Torque control frequency: 20kHz

  • Position/Speed control frequency: 10kHz

EtherCAT Features:

  • Max. 4kHz communication cycle

  • CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT)

  • FoE (File access over EtherCAT)

  • FSoE (Fail Safe over EtherCAT)

Motion mode Features:

  • CST (Cyclic Synchronous Torque)

  • CSV (Cyclic Synchronous Velocity)

  • CSP (Cyclic Synchronous Position)

  • PP (Profile Position)

  • PV (Profile Velocity)

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